NitroClubs EU took a part into Sofia Science Festival

sofia science festival 2021 poster

NitroClubs EU took a part of  Sofia Science Festival 15-16 May 2021. It was created in 2011 by the British Council and the  Forum Democrit under the patronage of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.

It is a space where there is no dividing line between culture and science. The event features on Sofia City’s Cultural Calendar. The Sofia Science Festival is a founding member of the Bulgarian Festivals Association.

Everyone who stopped by our stand had the opportunity to be into a dialogue with our representatives, to see one-to-one demonstrations with mini-robots and to assist while we show how the tehnology works.

Benefits for visitors were:

  • Interactions with the project team;
  • Explanations and technical tutorials;
  • Practical demonstrations;
  • Questions & Answers Session.
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