Nitro Robo Club-PGEA was officially opened

On the 23 of  September  2021 the Nitro Robo Club-PGEA was officially opened within the Profesionalna Gimnazia Po Elektrotehnika I Avtomatika – PGEA.

In the presence of Assoc. Prof. Shivarov and his team our students  demonstrated skills for working with the educational mobile robot and as a result of the project work – understanding and practical experience in more advanced robotics topics.

The opening was attended by 8-th grade students who are in their first year at our school. Assoc. Prof. Shivarov and Eng. Filipov – Director of PGEA acquainted the participants with the goals of the project and the upcoming events, as well as with the opportunities for them.

After the demonstrations made by the members of the PGEA Robotics Club, some of the attendees wanted to join the Club and maybe we will already have two teams for the upcoming competitions.

The website of the project and the materials that are useful for beginners in the Club and for all who are interested were also presented.

PGEA website:

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